Thursday, 18 November 2010

Anything for My Love

I took a deep breath and dived into the nearly frozen, dark sea. The cold stung my body like acid. My wounds, still fresh, were attacked by vast amounts of salt coming from the buffeting currents. Agony rushed through the expanse of my body. I did not know how much more could I endure.
But I had to... I had to endure this, to rescue the one thing most precious to me... Anything for My Love.

I drew all my body strength thrusting my arms against the powerful currents. My essence of life imparted a deep red color to the water around me, as the currents thrashed against my open wounds. My eye sight began to weaken as the currents pierced my eyes. A cold chill rushed through my spine. My strength began to dwindle. I was doubtful of my survival. But I had to survive... I had to overcome... Anything for My Love.

Just then, like a heavenly voice, I heard her calling out to me. My angel was close. Her voice renewed my confidence and gave me strength anew. I smacked my arms against the vile salted water. My weakened eyes searched for some sign of her. Her voice came yet again, this time louder and clearer than the last.

A few meters ahead, I caught a blurry sight of her clinging onto a boulder, resisting the oncoming currents. My heartbeats accelerated. My pace quickened. I garnered enough strength and jolted forward towards her. That final jolt brought me close to her. The tender touch of her hand gave me a feeling of ecstasy. I held her tight. Her hair still offered me that euphoric essence of cinnamon and mint. Her hazel eyes glimmered in the darkness. Her presence itself added a silver lining to the dark cloud that I endured.  I felt elated. All the pain... the suffering... all of it seemed worthwhile.

Truly... Anything for My Love...