Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Everlasting Essence of Strawberries

It was a very dark hour of the night when I heard a knock. I walked up to the front door and cautiously opened it. Coraline stood outside, her face scared and dirty, yet so beautiful. I beckoned her inside. She stepped inside and embraced me. Her breath tingled the hair on the back of my neck. Her hair tickled my cheek. Her body intoxicated me by an everlasting essence of strawberries.

Her embrace grew tighter as tears rolled down her cheek. I held onto her till she felt composed. I walked her into the hall and let her rest on the couch. She did nothing but weep. Her eyes had turned a pale shade of red. I went into the kitchen and brought us two cups of coffee. Her trembling lips were barely able to have a sip from the cup. I gently stroked her cheek ran my fingers through her hair. She left the cup down and held my arm. Her head fell onto my shoulder. The essence of her hair enthralled me, the everlasting essence of strawberries.

I continued stroking her hair for a while as she lay resting on my shoulder. "It was horrible... " she began. "I had... no idea...". I grasped her tightly trying to comfort her."Its alright... 'm here for you..". She began crying even harder. I felt her tears soaking into my t-shirt. I felt her breathing become heavy. "How could he... he.. do this to me... My love... was stronger than this. Why would he do this... WHY?!". I just held her tight allowing her to dissipate all that pain and sorrow. She looked up at me, her eyes an even darker shade of red. "Do you love me?...". I was at a loss for words at this unexpected question. "You are the one... one that cares about me... cares the most... I want you... I need you... ". Her moist lips found mine and we were into the moment, her body teasing me with the everlasting essence of strawberries.

We went on for a while, my lips made wet by the tears streaming down her face. I felt elevated from this world. Coraline felt like a part of me, my existence. Her sweet scented breath felt like a morning breeze on my face. Her body a delicate sculpture of glass. Later she rested her head back onto my shoulder. Her face showing the innocence of a little girl. Her eyelids closed, she felt calm. All the weeping stopped. She just lay on my shoulder silently. I lifted her up and laid her gently on my bed. I watched her the entire night as the intoxicating essence of strawberries kept me awake.