Sunday, 28 November 2010

Love at First Sight

  The day was dark. Storm clouds conquered the sky, consuming the sunlight that fell upon them. But my mind was elsewhere. My eyes were transfixed on a woman who had just entered the coffee shop. She wore  a lose T-shirt and casual shorts. Her hair was a dark shade of brown and left open. Her eyes, turquoise blue. She was in a mess. From her expressions I deduced, that she had just woken up from deep slumber. I sat at my table, Macbook in hand but unable to shift my gaze away from her. I watched her place her order at the counter. I watched as her tender, scarlet lips moved in symphony. Her eyes glistened, refracting the faint light coming from the sky. I felt butterflies in my stomach. The hair on the back of my neck gently stood erect. A chill rushed through my spine. My palms turned a bright shade of pink. I felt a tickling sensation on my feet. The feeling was unfamiliar, unexplored... it was truly paradisiacal.

I continued to watch her as she turned around. She noticed me. Instead of walking out the door with her coffee, she walked right up to my table. I hastily turned my gaze towards the macbook in front of me. She pulled a chair and sat beside me. I cautiously turned towards her. "What is so interesting that you can't take your eyes off me?" she asked. "I was simply mesmerized..."I replied. This was not what I meant to say. I meant to say nothing at all. I turned away, half expecting her beautifully shaped fingers to land hard on my cheek. "Mesmerized by this?!" she said pointing at her messy hair and crumpled T-shirt.
"It was your eyes."came yet another involuntary response. Her cheeks became an intense shade of pink. She nervously began to play with a strand of her hair. "I'm Rhea by the way. Would you like some latte?" came the response after a while that broke the awkward silence.

Our conversation then continued for quite a while. Most of what she said went right past me. I merely watched her as if hypnotized. Her beauty enthralled me. Her voice was like a melody. My mind played love songs to itself as I pretended to listen to her.

After a while she got up, saying she had to get home. I offered to walk her. She gave me an angelic smile. As we stepped out it began to pour. The storm clouds had finally unleashed their wrath. I covered her with my overcoat. She gripped me tightly by the arm. Hard drops of water thrust themselves onto me but she was protected. My hair was dripping wet but I made sure she was dry. Strong sounds of thunder pervaded my ears but I ensured she was not affected. We stopped in front of a tall white building. She gave me a light kiss on the cheek and rushed inside. I waved at her from beyond the glass door as she disappeared behind the elevator doors.

That sensation of butterflies in my stomach came back. I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand erect. Yet again, a chill rushed through my spine. I felt a tickling sensation on my feet. My body felt light, as though levitating. I felt elevated.... Out worldly...

That my friends, is what I call, Love at First Sight.