Monday, 15 November 2010

The Magnificent Glow Of Bronze

She drove her palm through the delicate layer of sand, minute grains slipping from between her fingers. She lay there on the beach, staring at the setting sun. Her iris reflected a deep sorrow that had enveloped her, like the shadow encompassing the orange sun. I received a glimpse of that pensiveness as my eyes met hers.

She lay dignified on the sand, gracefully lifting some of it into the air. Her posture was elegant, and composed. Her body glowed like a magnificent bronze statue, reflecting the remainder of the sun's light. She wore an equally magnificent white gown, that adorned her with the look of a greek goddess.

I halted close to her, perplexed by such an out worldly sight. My eyes were partially blinded by the brilliant glow emitted by her body. I moved even closer, hoping to get acquainted. She had not shifted her gaze and watched me still, with those pensive eyes. I was mesmerized.

Then something strange happened. Her brilliance disappeared. She began to fade away into nothingness. I called out to her, but to no effect. I made an attempt to reach for her hand, but it went right through. I helplessly watched her presence fade, as the dark sky engulfed the orange sun.

This brief encounter shall stay with me protected safely in the chamber of memories for many years to come. The setting sun, to this day, reminds me of the brilliant glow of bronze reflected by one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever witnessed.