Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Spirit

  It was the night before christmas. A cracking fire lit my apartment with a soft, orange glow. A christmas tree stood beside it, decked with fragile glass orbs and intricate whirls of shimmering ribbons. I watched from my window, delicate snow flakes lightly descending from the dark sky above. The world seemed to be covered in a sparkling white blanket of snow. A faint golden twinkle caught my attention, but was immediately diverted by a knock on the door.

  I was greeted by an overwhelming hug from Catherine as I opened the door. "I've got a surprise for you." she whispered into my ear, giving me a light kiss on the cheek. Her moist, cold breath enthralled me. Giving me a mischievous smile, she walked inside and cuddled up onto the couch. I followed her with an accelerated heart beat, wanting to know what she had planned. She opened a box of sinful dark chocolates and put one in her mouth. She sensuously rolled that piece of rich cocoa with her slithering tongue. My heart began to pound faster than ever before.  She grabbed my hand and pulled me close to her. I fell on my back onto the couch. She climbed over me and began kissing my neck. The warm molten chocolate felt like silk on my neck. The touch of her lips provided warmth to my otherwise cold body. It was enchanting. Later, her lips met mine and we embarked on an enticing journey to Shangri-La.

  A thud next to the fireplace alarmed us. Our journey was cut short as we looked around for the source of the sound. Considering it must have been the coal cracking, we refrained from giving it further thought. I stroked her jet black hair, as she looked at me with eyes of passion, yearning for more. I caressed her neck for a while. Our journey continued as we rolled down the couch and onto the floor. Adrenaline rushed through every part of my body. After a while of vigorous love making, our journey came to an end . The experience was exhausting.

  We lay on the floor gasping for breath, as I noticed the glass orbs on the tree shake gently, all in perfect synchronization. My attention was redirected as Catherine rested her head on my chest. I stroked her cheek as  we watched from the window, an array of celebrations. Buildings adorned with beautiful lights, huge Christmas trees embellished with glitterati and people all along the street dancing to the tunes of Christmas carols.The night was truly magical.

  I heard a light ring of bells from a source nearby. "Did you hear that?" I asked Catherine. " Hear what?!" she said, looking confused. "Isn't this the happiest time of the year?" she said, yet again diverting my mind from the strange happenings. "The Christmas spirit is everywhere, there is brightness all over and everybody is joyful!". " I love Christmas!" she said giving me a tight hug.

  A loud racket on the roof of the building startled me. I immediately got up from the floor and stuck my head through the window trying to view the roof. I saw that golden twinkle yet again. " Get over here quick!" Catherine yelled from near the fireplace. " I'm sure this wasn't here before..." she said, pointing at a stack of boxes under the Christmas tree. Silence conquered the room. We stood there, ecstatic.

The master of the red nose reindeer really did exist!