Thursday, 9 December 2010

Waiting For You

   "I've had it with you!" she said, eyes burning with fury. "I can't handle this anymore.... I need a break!". I stood silent, scare conquering the expressions of my face. "This... this... this thing between us... ain't working out..."she said, as her eyes turned from an enraged red to a pensive grey. I held her hands trying to comfort her, but she shrugged me off. "Why are you doing this?! What have I not done for you!" I vociferated. "I don't know! Just leave me alone!" she said, pushing me away. An awkward stillness prevailed for a while, as we just stared at each other. Tears rolled down my cheeks, as I tried to get myself to believe what had just happened. Jane was actually breaking up with me. "I'm leaving." she said, breaking the silence, and breaking much more in the process. She promptly went for the door and slammed it shut behind her.

   The sound of the door slam shut felt like a hammer hitting hard on the chest. I sank into a couch, contemplating the situation. What did I do wrong? What was the matter? I had no answers. My mind was vacuous. I was engulfed by overwhelming sorrow. Tears never stopped flowing out from my eyes. I picked up my iphone and browsed through everything that reminded me of her. Every cute text that she ever sent, now felt like a nail being pierced into my heart.  Every picture of her's made the pain even worse. But strangely, I wanted the pain. The pain was the only feeling left that reminded me about her love.

   I tried calling her, but to no effect. I sent innumerable texts but not one of them received a reply. I had lost the desire to do absolutely anything. I just lay on the couch the entire day observing the sunset. All the sweet memories that we shared came back to me. Her comforting hugs, her tender kisses, her intoxicating breath. We were never to share any such memory ever again.

   Next morning, I woke up on the same couch. I had dosed off right there. The iphone was still on, displaying Jane's picture. I knew I could never forget her. We had been through too much to ever let go. I got up and walked onto the porch. There was a pearly white glow in the sky. Condensed vapor floated all around. A sense of hope saturated me. The innocent morning glow gave me some relief from all the sorrow. I had no intention of moving on. I would wait... wait right there for her. "Jane, I'll be waiting for you....".