Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Happiest Moment of My Life

  "This is it. Tonight's the night." I kept saying to myself, as I stared at a delicate platinum ring studded with  diamonds of a modest size. A vibration on my iphone startled me. "Aren't you picking me up? I'm waiting." came the voice of Jannette reminding me that I was late. I hurriedly put the ring into my pocket and got into my car. The gleaming saffron lights on the dashboard ignited and I hit the accelerator.

It was a sparkling night sky. Street lamps along the road resembled glowing white pearls. Lush green bushes lined the sides of the road. Tall, glass buildings glazed the surroundings. Hazy images of pedestrians zoomed past me as I sped ahead.

I stopped at a florist. Brilliant red roses, deep purple orchids, lucid white lilies and many other gifts of nature adorned the shelves of the shop. I picked up some of those orchids and complemented them with some lawn grass and silver weed. The florist added a hint of sparkle. I hastily paid him and stepped on the ignition paddle.

I eased on the paddle as my Angel came into view. She wore an elegant black gown and a single chain of diamonds that looked exquisite on her neck. I stopped and got out of the car. "You're late." she said, trying hard to express anger. "I'm sorry darling... " I said giving her a delicate kiss on the cheek. "I won't let you off the hook that easily.". " Well, I got a surprise for you... " I said in the most appealing manner. "Whatever it is I don't--" she paused as the lovely orchids caught her attention. "Oh My God! I love orchids! Alright, I forgive you..." she said giving me a tight hug. I held open the car door as she got in and let myself in from the other side.

"So, where are we going tonight?" she said, excitement radiating from her face. "I made reservations at The Louvre.". "What?!" she simply stared at me, finding it hard to believe what she had just heard. The Louvre was the epitome of luxury. It was the crown jewel of continental delicacies. It was the place to be. "Yes, you heard it right baby, I'm taking you to The Louvre." I said, my face gleaming with pride.

We arrived at The Louvre in a short while. A suited valet took my car keys as me and Jannette were escorted inside. A polished ivory door knob turned to let us in. An overwhelming display of burnished tapestry greeted us as we walked inside. A magnificent fountain sprayed crystal clear water in enticing shapes and patterns. An array of mesmeric paintings adorned the walls of the place.

"This is just too much... " said Jannette as I pulled her a chair. "What is so special about tonight that you chose this place?"she said, completely bewildered. "All will be revealed in time sweetie... " I said, smiling with ecstasy. "Would you like some wine?". I signaled the waiter to bring us some. A while later, two glasses were filled with rich crimson wine of the finest quality. I twirled the glass briefly. An exuberant aroma filled the atmosphere. I took a small sip. An exquisite taste of dark grapes coupled with a hint of cinnamon satiated my body."Ah... this is some really good wine." I said, "Yes, most definitely, one of the best I've ever tried!"she said in approval. The conversation went on. We spoke about our lives, thought about plans for the future and shared some irrelevant thoughts and ideas.

The evening proceeded wonderfully. We had some really interesting dishes like caviar, oysters and tiger prawns. A pianist played some orchestral set of tunes. An enthusiastic dance group gave us an amazing performance of a Salsa routine. Me and Jannette tried our feet at some Salsa as well. It was great!

We left The Louvre at around midnight. The valet brought me my car. I helped Jannette inside and got in myself. The glass buildings still glazed the surroundings as I drove Jannette home. We stopped in front of a tall white building where she lived. I walked with her into the elevator. "I had a great time." she said, as she gave me a light kiss on the cheek. The doors parted and we walked down the hallway to her apartment door. My heart started pounding.

"This is it. It's now or never." I said to myself while trying to maintain composure. I took the ring out of my pocket as she fiddled with the keys to unlock the door. "Do you wanna--" she froze on seeing me standing on one knee with a little ring in my hand. I could hear her breathing heavily. Her face turned a light shade of pink.

"Jannette Ernschaw, I am Truly, Madly, Deeply, most Insanely in love with you. Will you make me the happiest man on earth and be mine, truly forever?"

There was an enduring silence. She stared at me as her eyes grew moist. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she gave me a wonderful smile. "Yes!... Yes I will!" she said, offering me her hand. I gladly put the ring on her fragile finger and lifted her into the air. Her lips met mine and we were transported to paradise. "Oh I love you Jannette! I love you very very much!" I said as I took her inside. I closed the door behind me and we stayed in paradise all through the night. It was truly the happiest moment of my life.