Friday, 28 January 2011

Young Love

   Elena was one of the brightest students in school. It was the first week of winter when I mustered up the courage to confess my feelings to her. She sat at an isolated table in the library, rummaging through a pile of books. Her dark brown hair swayed beautifully as her concentration shifted from one to the next. Her angelic eyes glistened in the morning glow, darting shards of light. I was mesmerized. A moment later, she noticed me staring at her. She gave me a glance and quickly got back to reading, but let a little smile escape. I walked up to her table and sat beside her. Her smile widened, but she tried extremely hard to hide it. A medley of thoughts ran through my mind. I had never done this before. "What do I say?" I asked myself.

   "Hi! What're you doin'?" I said, for the sole purpose of starting a conversation. "Project work." she said. "I wanna tell you something really important." I spat out. She looked at me, startled. "What is it?" she said, with an expression that hinted she already knew what I was about to say. "I've been having this feeling... Well... I've been thinking... aa.. I don't know how to say this... Well its just that... aa... I really like you!" a feeling of anxiety spread through my body but was soon replaced by a feeling of eternal bliss as she reciprocated positively.

   "I like you too!" the words echoed in my mind throughout the day.  

   The morning after, I was really excited to see Elena at the school gate. A prevalent smile lit up her face.   She walked close to me.  Her presence was enticing. We occasionally allowed our palms to collide generating an innocent form of satisfaction. A while later we reached the classroom. This was one of those rare instants where I wished the school staircase had been endless. We entered the classroom, elated to find no one else inside. We occupied the bench adjacent to the wall. Gently, I brought my hand close to her's. She did the same, barely touching my fingertips. A shiver ran through my spine. She shifted closer to me and grasped my hand. I felt a shiver yet again. Just then students began to enter the class. Disappointed, the two of us moved away.

   Soon after, the teacher entered the class. Her words were nothing more than bursts of air hitting against my ear drum. My attention was focused on Elena. I watched as she smoothly drove her pencil through her hair. Then moving it gently around her scarlet lips. Soon, she too shifted her gaze from the board.  Until breaktime, we stared at each other, transfixed. She was the only one that existed for me. Everybody else was just room decor.

   The bell rang for break. Students sprightly rushed out of class. Soon we were the only ones remaining. "So, what do you wanna do?" she asked. "I don't know... I've never done this before." I said, embarrassed by my innocence. "I think we could hold hands now." she said playfully. I promptly moved my fingers close to her's and gripped them. Her cheeks turned an intense shade of pink. She moved even closer to me. I brought myself close to her face. She smiled."Go ahead, I always wanted to know how it feels." she said as she brought her lips closer to mine.  I was clueless about what was going to happen next. Her lips met mine. A rush of warmth filled my body. Her arms fell around my neck. My heartbeats accelerated. A feeling of euphoria pervaded my mind. For that moment, she was the only reason for my existence. The return bell alarmed us. We immediately sprang apart and moved back to our respective places. Our game of stare continued for the remainder of the day, but the euphoria of the kiss remained fresh in my mind.

   Our relationship lasted for a considerable amount of time. We later came to be known as the Romeo and Juliet of our school. Sadly all good things must end and so did this. She flew to London to pursue a career in economics while I stayed back to study at IIT. Thus we parted ways and have not seen each other since.

   Elena was my first love. Her breath, her warmth, her touch, all remain in my heart to this day. Wherever she is, I miss her and hope she does too.