Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Love of the Strangest Kind

   It was a tropical afternoon and the sun shone directly overhead, radiating heat.  I stood on top of a hill that towered over all else in sight and a seemingly endless expanse of lush green grass covered the plains below. The sight was truly magical. It was the perfect place to set up camp. I unpacked my haversack, unfolded a large rubber sheet and secured it to the ground with rigid, iron nails. After giving a final check as to whether the tent was in place, I climbed inside.

  It was relatively cool inside. I switched on my macbook and immediately got to work. "This is my first entry. I have successfully completed the climb and have arrived at the hilltop. The weather is hot and humid. Red soil is dominant. Abundant vegetation on the plains but relatively scarce on top." I said, documenting myself on the webcam. I soon got back out of the tent in order to scan the area.

  I pulled out my camera and began taking pictures. After a while, I noticed someone staring at me from behind a boulder. "Hello!" I said, but the shadow produced no response. I went to take a closer look. It was a girl. She seemed to be in her twenties, bare foot and wore a yellow tunic. Her eyes were a pale shade of green and stared right at me. I felt a sudden rush of warmth through my body. My heartbeat accelerated. I walked closer to her. As she saw me come near, she ran down hill. "Hey wait! Who are you? Where do you live?" I said as I followed her. She ran even faster and within a few seconds, she was out of sight.

  There was something about her that did not allow me to get her out of my mind. Her memory stayed fresh in my mind throughout the rest of the day. I made one final entry into the macbook and crawled up inside the sleeping bag. Her images haunted me through the night as I hoped to see her once again.

  I woke up next morning and excitedly got out of the tent, half expecting her to stand right in front of me. Sadly, it was just my lonesome self staring at the green expanse. I darted towards the area where I had seen her last but she was nowhere in view. I stared in dismay at the boulder behind which she took refuge. Helpless, I continued my research work. A while later, I saw her walking up the hill. She wore a new scarlet tunic and a wide smile. I started in her direction. My heart was pounding faster than ever before.

 "What's your name?" I asked but she merely continued to smile. I asked the same question once again in every other language I knew but she continually maintained that smile without saying a word. Later she grabbed my hand and placed a glistening white rock on my palm. It refracted shards of light in intricate patterns. It was beautiful. I gripped her hand as she turned to leave. "Will I ever see you again?" I asked, as the rush of warmth pervaded my body once again. She pulled me closer and gave me a light kiss on the forehead and walked away, blushful.

  That was the last time I ever saw her. Her gift still remains, tied around my neck, its refracted light reminding me of her glistening eyes. She still remains close to my heart and her memory, fresh in my mind.