Saturday, 12 March 2011

I Love You... And Always Will...

  It was a cold winter night. Tall deciduous trees humbly surrendered their leaves to the frosty weather.  The world seemed to be covered in a dense white blanket of snow which sparkled in the diffused light of the amethyst sky. An occasional howl of a grey hound was heard in the distance. Cracking barks of hard wood trees ran chills through the spine.

I walked on a cold stone pathway lined with moss laden bricks and remains of withered dandelions. Along the pathway there stood a dusty wooden bench with rusted arm rests on either side. I darted towards it and promptly sat on the extreme right as I waited for Nicole to arrive. A hooting bird came from within the depths of the darkness and stood beside me. Its ghastly white body and pitch black eyes made it look like a being from the other side. "How are you tonight Sebastian?" I asked. "As always, caliginous and dreary. I see that Nicole's late." it said, with a rather mundane expression on its face. "Alas, to be late is a woman's right and to endure, her man's plight." I said, adding a little smile on the bird's face. "I'll leave you to it then." it said as it took to the air and vanished into the shadows(He was never much of a conversationalist).

For a while I was left to my thoughts with the occasional sounds of shivering, leafless trees and shrieking creatures of the night. A soothing sensation filled my body as a warm breeze blew past me. "Nicole, is that you?" I said, staring into the emptiness. "Right beside you..." came a light whisper that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. "I've missed you." I said as a heavy block of sadness balanced on top of my heart. "Me too... " came her response, as the warm breeze whirled around me. It was enticing. I reached into my coat pocket and pulled out a crimson rose. "For you my darling, Happy Anniversary..."I said, holding the rose up as I watched it dissolve into the darkness. "Thank you..." she said, as a slight moist breeze caressed my cheek.

"Honey, I want to come back." she whispered, this time, softer than before. The block of sadness just got heavier. "Darling you know that's not possible... I've tried everything." I said, trying hard to hold my tears inside. The warm breeze turned to wind moving back and forth, disturbing the snow around. "I need you..." came another whisper. My heart reached its fracture point and streams of tears rolled down my cheeks. The wind blew across my face, wiping my tears. "I do not like to see you sad my love. I just wished to feel human atleast on the night of our anniversary." she said, as I felt her pensiveness disseminate into my heart. "To me you feel no less human than myself." I said, as the breeze playfully moved through my hair.

"I have repainted the house as you asked, and removed that silly sounding bell.... The electrician did it for a bargain. The creaking door is fixed. I also bought a few new plants. And yes... I put up a new picture of you...and..."."Shhhh... I know you are taking care of everything... "she whispered sweetly into my ear, gently caressing my neck. "It is time for me to take leave..." she said, divulging her sadness. "I just want you to know that I love you... and always will!" I said, embracing her swaying presence into my arms. "So will I honey... So will I..." she said as the warm breeze lightly kissed my forehead and the surroundings returned to their lifeless state.