Friday, 8 April 2011

My Unforgettable Journey

  It was an early hour of the morning. The air was cold and moist. Thick fog promenaded through the atmosphere. Glistening dew drops settled onto youthful leaves and tender flower buds. The sky was lit up with a shade of orange by the rising sun, who felt it amusing to shine a few strands of light onto my sleepy face.

Earlier, I slept soundly on the train to Conoor. As photons continually hit my face, further sleep seemed fruitless, and I decided to finally get up. My vision was still blurry as I saw a feminine figure enter my compartment. "Hey hi! I'm Rohini. Guess you're my roomie for the night!" she said, her voice hitting hard onto my sleepy ear drums. Without paying much attention to my untimely guest, I got out of bed and headed for the washroom. I splashed a rejuvenating handful of freezing cold water onto my face and wiped myself clean. My guest sat relaxed on her seat, reading Tell Me Your Dreams by Sidney Sheldon, as I walked back in. She had dark brown eyes, a fair skin complexion, magnificent black hair and wore a cute pair of shorts complemented by a cerulean blue top. "That's a really amazing book that you're reading." I said, now feeling fresh and the possessor of a clear vision. "Oh you've read it! Please don't tell me the suspense. I'm gonna finish it by tonight. Just don't mention anything about the suspense." she said, overexcited. "Oh don't worry, I won't mention anything about the girl having a split personality." I said, strangely pleased with myself for ruining the suspense. "What the hell?!" she said, glaring at me with furious eyes.

 "There goes my past time for the entire journey!" she said as she shut the book and shoved it aside, dismayed. "C'mon, a placid journey through beautiful dew covered scenery and you wanted to read a book? How wonderful!" I said, indicating sarcasm. "Alright, you ruined my past time, now you talk to me!" she said, the fury in her eyes slowly turning into something more playful and friendly. Thus began my conversation with the woman whom I would later remember for the rest of my life.

She spoke about her college, her roommates, crazy parties, sleepovers, her ex boyfriends, irritating lecturers, frustrating exams and much more and I shared the same with her. We discussed about our relationships, some sad endings, some happy ones, about our ambitions and achievements and about life in general. We spoke for long hours. Soon it was noon and the two of us simply gazed at the horizon, watching the sun chastely fall behind it. She moved close to me, as darkness conquered the sky above. I turned to look at her. Her eyes captivated me. In that moment, she was all I could think of. She tilted her head and advanced towards my face. I moved closer, gently touching her tender red lips. Heavy amounts of adrenaline rushed through my body. An ecstatic feeling encompassed the two of us. It was amore like I had never felt before. It was empyrean.

That night, we shared the bed. She slept pleasantly under the refuge of my arms. The next morning, loud bells woke us up. "Maoli! Maoli! has arrived!" said the station master, as he walked along the length of the train, ringing an old copper bell. "This is my stop." she said. "Will I ever see you again?" I asked expectantly. "I'll see you when I see you." she countered. Giving me a light kiss on the cheek, she got off the train. A deep pensiveness filled me, as I watched her zoom out of view.

The compartment returned to its silent state again. My eyes moved listlessly through the emptiness. Just then, something caught my attention. My heartbeat accelerated. It was her book! I quickly grabbed it and put it in my bag. To this day, on the train to Conoor, I stop at Maoli and wait for her, hoping that one day she will come, if not to see me, atleast for her book, but she will come...