Wednesday, 13 November 2013

A Dark Tale of Love

                It was a late hour of the evening. The sky outside was deceptively dark. Our giver of light had moved beyond the horizon long before its appointed time. I sat on my windowsill, staring down the dimly lit street outside. It was a cold evening. Frost had made its way through every crack in the tar and stone below. A thin layer of it enveloped the single street light that illuminated an insignificant portion of the vast darkness. Silence pervaded the atmosphere. Not the kind provoked fear, but the kind that granted comfort. I felt calm.

               Just then, a knocking startled me. I disconnected myself from the window and climbed down the stairs to greet the wrecker of calm. My feet had barely touched the floor below when I saw the front door left ajar. The wrecker of calm was now an intruder in my house. I scouted around for anything that I could use as a weapon. A lone umbrella sat in the umbrella stand nearby. No sooner did I try to reach for it than a slender, cold hand grasped mine. “That shall not be necessary. I am not here to harm you.” The voice sounded like two delicate silver strings resonating in perfect harmony. It was a sound unheard of, yet my mind treated it like a lost companion. I moved my hand away, as if hypnotised. My head turned to glance upon the source of this symphony. Long, shimmering golden hair, flawless white skin, deep blue eyes and lips redder than blood itself; my intruder was the most beautiful creature I had ever laid eyes upon.

                She let go of my hand, but I remained frozen in place. “Who was she? Why was she here? How did she get in?” rational questions like these were an annoyance for my mind. I simply stood there, mesmerised by her beauty. She moved closer to me. I maintained my frozen state. Gauging my reaction, she moved even closer, slower this time. I felt her breath gliding down the side of my neck. It felt icy. A cold chill followed right down the expanse of my back. An essence of rose petals soaked in sweet red wine filled my nostrils. It was her smell, the smell of euphoria. She gradually tilted her head and laid a gentle kiss on my neck. Her lips felt warm, moist even. My body shuddered. My mind was swimming in a sea of rapture with no intention of returning to land.

                Moments later, she spoke. Her voice still felt hypnotic, yet her words indecipherable. She repeated the same set of words multiple times, as if reciting a prayer. I remained immobilized, as the melody pervaded my ears. Suddenly, I felt a set of incisors pierce my neck. Excruciating pain attacked my entire body, but I remained helplessly in place. I felt my blood gradually being drained, as cold nothingness took its place. Soon, my mind welcomed the agony. I embraced the pain as my arms embraced my beautiful intruder. “Deeper…” I whispered, as rapturous agony encapsulated my entire being. She let out a melodic scream, as my arms pulled her closer, ending even the slightest distance between us. Her body pressed hard against mine, as her fangs sank deeper into my neck. She moved her palms along the length of my back as her nails ripped through my flesh. My body felt gratified by the violation. I screamed and she followed with a louder one of her own. Our bodies moved as one, dancing to the symphony of euphoric pain. Soon, my vision grew blurry. We was unable to maintain composure. Still locked in each other’s arms, together we fell to the floor.

                I lay on the floor, gasping for breath, as my intruder lay by my side, a satisfied smile spread across her face. “You were very forthcoming.”  She said, sounding genuinely pleased. A similar smile appeared on my face. Just a few hours ago, I sat at the edge of my window, expecting fate to lend one final push and liberate me. A few hours later, I lay in the arms of nature’s most beautiful creation. I felt liberated. My human weakness seemed like a forgotten dream. This transformation made me feel more alive than ever before. I looked intently at my intruder. Her lips were soaked in my blood. I stroked them gently with my tongue. The metal taste of forgotten humanity triggered something deep within me. My intruder seemed to know exactly what I was feeling. Her lips touched mine as she granted my tongue access to what was left of my human essence. I felt satiated. My transformation was complete. I desperately yearned… for human blood.