Saturday, 4 July 2015

The Wall of Glass

It was the 22nd night of the final month of the year. The large ball of fire illuminating the sky had long since cowered beyond the horizon. Darkness reigned supreme. Blackgate penitentiary was the only inhabited structure in sight. This was a place that held criminals of the worst kind - serial killers, sadistic rapists, mass arsonists, brutal guns for hire, and any other kind of vermin that plagued humanity. A lone woman in her mid twenties, dark hair, hazel eyes and lips red as wine, seemed entirely out of place in this sanctum of despair. Her lover, charged with 16 counts of murder, was cursed to serve the remainder of his life within the walls of Blackgate. "I'm here to see prisoner DL42." she said to the guard at the prison's entrance. A few formal verifications were conducted after which, two heavily armed guards escorted the woman inside.

They entered a plain, relatively dim room with a thick glass wall standing resilient at the centre of it, splitting the area into two. "Wait here." the guards commanded, their voices coarse, apathetic. She obeyed. After about an hour, the guards returned to the room, this time from the other side of the glass. With them was a man, wrists chained to his ankles and face covered with a black cloth. One of the guards stepped forward and pulled the veil off to reveal the cold blooded killer, prisoner DL42. The woman gasped at the sight. A strong chill rushed through her spine. She wanted to leave... and stay. Her heart was pounding as if trying to break out of her ribcage. She felt choked as her voice was all but nonexistent. "What the hell is this?! Who brought her in here? Why is she here?" were some of the first words uttered by the prisoner at the sight of the woman. 

"We will be right outside." said the guards, as the room door closed behind the sound of their footsteps. The prisoner seemed shaken. "Why have you come here?" he asked, his voice barely a whisper. The woman walked closer to the glass wall and sat on a stool right by it. She picked up the receiver on the other end but was hesitant. "I... I wanted see you. I miss you." she said, as her palm pressed against the wall of glass. 

"Why the fuck are you here! You're not supposed to see me like this!"

"I don't care. I just had to see you. I need you."

The next few minutes went by quietly. Neither of them spoke a word, but that exchange of glances was worth more than a million.

Her eyes turned moist as she held back tears, pressing hard against the wall of glass.

"I've missed you." said the prisoner, breaking the silence as his palm moved in to align with her's from the other side of the glass. 

"I can't take this. I need your love..." her voice shuddered.

I want to feel something... something other than sadness!" she continued. 

"I want you closer to me, baby. I need you now more than ever." said the prisoner, as he pressed even harder against the wall, his palm turning frighteningly pale due to the excessive pressure.

"I missed the way you touched me..." she whispered, as her fingers gently reached under her skirt. 

"I want to touch you...", the prisoner pressed even harder. 

"I want to kiss you..." harder. 

"I want to fuckin' love you!" he moved so close that his breath began to fog up the glass. 

"I like that look in your eyes. That's the look you gave me the first time you made love to me." said the woman, her voice modulated in a sort of symphony. 

"I'd like nothing more right now than to get on the other side and rip that blouse clean of your body." 

"Give it to me..." she replied, as she let out a slight moan.

She ripped down a part of her blouse, revealing her left tit ever so slightly as she continued to touch herself...faster... harder. 

"I want to feel the warmth of your body... I want to feel you getting wet..." he said, as the sound of his pounding heart engulfed the room.

"Yes... tell me more. I've missed this." 

"I want to be inside you, baby!"

His response made her bite into her lower lip. She yearned for his touch. She pressed against the wall even harder, as if to try and tear down the 4 inch thick divide. 

The room was overwhelmed with sexual tension. A slight opening in the wall would prove sufficient to turn the two of them into beasts rapt with desire. 

"I want you to fuck me hard!" she bit down harder into her lip, drawing blood. 

The pang of pain coupled with lust, yearning and ecstasy made the woman rise to the very peak of pleasure.

"I will fuck that gorgeous body of yours even if it's the last thing I do!" 

She let out a final moan, louder than the first as she fell forward, leaning against the wall of glass. The two were thoroughly spent. They continued to smile at each other, rapt in the memory of what they had just experienced. 

"I love you, baby." she said.

"Goodbye, babe." came his response as prisoner DL42 rushed to the end of the room and attacked the guard on the other side. There was a violent struggle, followed by gunshots. Seconds later, the prisoner's corpse lay on the floor, surrounded by a pool of his own blood.