Friday, 3 June 2016

Love, Lust and Passion

She stood in front of me, her silk-woven dress beautifully accentuating her hour-glass figure. Her eyes were a dark shade of brown, while her hair raven black, which flowed naturally down one side, the ends just bouncing off her right breast. I stared intently, unmoving. Her eyes gleamed in anticipation, her body yearning for my touch. She bit down hard on her lower lip, as her eyes gave me an intense stare. I took a deep breath, and lunged at her, my lips only a fraction of a measure away from her own. Her breasts brushed aggressively against my torso, as her breathing accelerated. My eyes stared deeply into hers, wordlessly communicating the irresistible passion I felt for her. She thrust her tongue out, trying hard to smack my lips, but I swiftly pulled away. I shoved her back into the wall just before she could leap at me once again. She stood there, gasping for breath. I moved closer, and gently ran a single finger along the contours of her face. She shuddered in response. “I want you.” She whispered, as she caught my finger in her mouth, and sucked hard. My crotch responded satisfactorily to her action. With my free hand, I grasped her throat and pinned her back against the wall. She suppressed a scream, as her teeth pierced into the flesh of my finger still in her mouth. Her eyes stared intently into mine, as I choked her harder. I felt a surge of pain as her fangs sunk deeper into my finger, while her tongue lashed violently against the bleeding wound. I moved my body closer, my crotch pushing hard against the inner side of her thigh. I eased my grip on her throat, as she released my finger. “Don’t stop. Choke me harder!” She commanded. I obliged. She moaned passionately. I put my bleeding finger into my own mouth, licking off the remainder of her saliva coupled with the blood oozing from the wound. She watched me with an expression of awe. Her fingers moved to my crotch, belligerently trying to undo my belt. As soon as it was off, her hand slid swiftly inside, stroking my defenceless sex organ.  “Keep choking me, I’ll take care of the rest.” She said, as she stroked my dick, faster and faster. “Do it harder!” I yelled, and she obeyed. I felt my heart thrusting violently against my rib cage, as sweat ran down the length of my back. Her available hand landed a tight slap across my face. My erection grew stronger in response. She slapped me one more time, and proceeded to rip through my buttoned up shirt. “Undress me!” She ordered. I ran my bleeding hand over the expanse of her bloodied dress, stopping at the shoulder, only to rip the strap and expose her perfect tits. “You’re stunning.” I whispered, and leaped forward, desperate for a taste of her lips. She grabbed my left hand by its wrist, and pressed it against her breast. I squeezed hard, while my tongue explored the inside of her mouth.  Suddenly, she pushed me away, got down on her knees and pulled down my trousers, ripping off any unopened buttons. The next second, her mouth was wrapped tightly around my dick, and she sucked hard. I let out multiple moans, incredible pleasure pervading through my entire body. In a few minutes, I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off. She tilted her head up and looked at me, her desires evident. “Do it.” She said. With her hair, I pulled her ever so slightly off the ground, and threw her to the floor. She spread her legs wide, anticipating my next move. I fell on top of her, and gently slid my cock into her soaking wet pussy. Her eyes closed shut as she took a deep breath. I moved further inside. The mouth of her pussy closed tighter around my dick. Unexpectedly, she opened her eyes and yelled out, “Fuck me harder! Now!” I thrust deeper into her and pulled out. “Oh yes!” Thrust myself inside once again, rapidly this time, and pulled out just as quick. “Just like that, yes!” Soon, our bodies found a rhythm and I moved even faster, even deeper inside her. “Oh fuck yes, keep going!” I pulled down her hair, just enough to hurt, causing her back to arch further and her breasts to push upward. She opened her eyes once again and landed another ferocious slap across my face. I shoved my bleeding finger deep into her mouth causing her to gag, as I continued to fuck her, even harder. My heart rate accelerated even further, as she repeatedly slapped my face. “I’m gonna cum. Don’t stop. Harder. Go deeper inside me. Stay hard. I want you. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me OH FUCK ME! IM CUMMING!!” She wrapped herself onto me, as she screamed with overwhelming pleasure. Soon after, I pulled out, and ejaculated all over her gorgeous tits. She scooped some of it with her finger and licked it clean with her tongue. I was in awe of this beautiful creature. I pulled her closer and held her tight. The bitch made me fall in love with her all over again.